About the Artist

Heena received her B.A. in art at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, in 2010.  During her undergrad, she was fortunate to be apart of three exhibitions, one of which was held at the Milwaukee Art Museum. The themes of her artwork focused on identity, mostly on how she viewed herself as a first-generation Indian living in America.

Upon graduation, Heena volunteered at a Hare Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork, Utah.  The temple was located on a rural farmland, and was home to an architect and her husband, a handful of nomads, and an eclectic bunch of animals.  The animals at the temple roamed freely; peacocks were perched on rooftops, and llamas ran about on the hillsides.  It was here where the seed was planted.

Currently, Heena is studying Environmental Health and Water Quality at Milwaukee Area Technical College, where she eventually hopes to workin “mycoremediation”:  using mushrooms as a way of remediation. The subject matter of her paintings has featured animals.  She is keen on reminding herself, and others, that we cohabitate on this planet with plants, animals, and fungi.  Moreover, even though we may not “see” them everyday, they are around us in everything we eat, see, and use.  They are found in inventions, like “Velcro” inspired by “burdock burrs,” and in “Penicillin” an antibiotic discovered in the blue-green fungus, Penicillium.

To contact this artist email:  heena.dhyani@gmail.com


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